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Mountaineer Football Tailgating Tips and Tricks

School is finally back in session and that means Mountaineer Football is back. We’re so excited to get into the season and cheer our team on! You’re going to be doing a lot of tailgating over the next few months. You need to be prepared because WVU tailgating is on another level. We’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks for having the best tailgating experience ever! For your table, you want something to keep the crumbs and mess off of the table while still looking festive for your team. Find a navy or bright yellow fitted bed sheet and put it on your table the same way you would stretch it across your bed. The fitted edges keep the sheet flat and stuck to the table when the wind blows. When you’re done tailgating, just gather it up, dump all of the crumbs into the trash and toss it in the wash. You can sport your colors and keep your tables clean at the same time. If you can never find your cups and utensils, keep a behind the door shoe organizer and stick your essentials in there. It keeps them all in one place and keeps them clean at the same time. Hang your organizer from the top of your canopy tent so everyone knows where it’s at. For those who aren’t tailgating out of their own car and are meeting friends, it might be a while until you can track them down. You don’t want to have to carry around your cooler full of drinks and snacks. Make sure you have a cooler with wheels so you’re not lugging it around from Pierpont all the way to your parking lot of choice. If you have a little money to spare, the Coolest Cooler is the ultimate tailgating accessory. It comes with a built-in blender, bluetooth speaker, bottle opener and tons more. If you want to get really into it, you need a football shaped cheeseball. Carve out the shape and then cover that baby in pepperoni. Your tailgating guests will love it if there is still any left after you get your paws on it. Tailgating at a WVU Mountaineer game is an experience you won’t get anywhere else. We’re all a part of the football family here and we welcome all to the tailgate! For information on WVU’s tailgating and parking for the games, check here. What are your favorite tailgate memories? Make sure to share them with us on Facebook and Twitter.