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Cold Weather Prep 101

human-690107_1280 Image courtesy of Pixabay Over half of West Virginia University’s student body are non-residents of West Virginia, meaning they’re coming from out of state. While some of these folks might have come from neighboring states like Pennsylvania or Ohio, other students might come from warmer states. If you’re still not used to the northern winters of West Virginia, here’s a little survival guide to help you get through the bitter winter. Layer Up, Buttercup You can never be too prepared for a snowstorm, especially when those winds get whipping around. The icy winds will pierce right through your jacket and tee shirt. So make sure you have multiple layers on under your winter jacket. We’re not talking about just 2 shirts. Get some fleece lined jeans and weather proof boots. Put your holey sneakers away for the season and get some shoes that won’t let the melted snow leak in. Invest in a Good Thermos There’s nothing worse than getting to class after trudging through the snow and not warming back up again until you get back to your apartment after classes are through. When you get up in the morning, brew up a hot pot of coffee, hot chocolate, or tea and throw it in a thermos. It will keep your hands toasty on the way to campus and it will restore your body’s warmth as you sip it in class. Just make sure your professor doesn’t have a “no food and drink” policy! Take Care of Your Car If you drive to class, you want your car to hold up through the winter, right? You’ll need to give it a little extra attention in the winter to make sure it’s in proper working order. Check your tire pressure frequently. Cold weather affects the pressure which could in turn affect your traction and gas mileage. To prevent your fuel lines freezing, keep a full gas tank throughout winter. Follow these tips and you won’t have to resort to hoofing it around Morgantown. Stock Up Keep all of your cold weather essentials on hand. Blankets, candles, Netflix, hot chocolate, and books are important to your sanity throughout the winter. Take stock of your apartment, if you don’t have these things, it’s time for a trip to the store. Buy in bulk and then you won’t have to head back out into the cold for these things again! Winter sucks. It was great when you were a kid, but it’s a garbage season as soon as you become an adult. You can minimize the trauma of the season with a little preparation. Worse comes to worst, you can just hibernate in your Pierpont apartment for the next few months. What are your best cold weather life hacks? Share them with us on Facebook!