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Motown Road Trips

With so many scenic lookouts and winding mountain roads, West Virginia is full of road trips just waiting to happen. Now that fall has arrived and the leaves are making their transformation from greens to reds, browns, and yellows, this is the time to go! It’s the perfect opportunity to escape the stresses of class and work, even if it’s just for an hour. There’s plenty to see while you drive and plenty more to stop and explore. To help narrow down which road to travel, here’s a list of some of the best scenic drives in West Virginia: Highland Scenic Highway The Highland Scenic Highway is perfect for a Sunday afternoon drive. It is 43 miles through the Monongahela National Forest. The drive might not be long, but there’s plenty of opportunities to explore. There are also 4 great overlook spots of the Allegheny Mountains that will have you staring out for miles. It takes about two hours to get to the Highland Scenic Highway from Morgantown so the journey can be a road trip all on its own! Route 60 Midland Trail If you’re looking to take a little bit of a longer drive with more diverse stops, the Midland Trail is the perfect kind of trip for you. The drive is 180 miles, and you can see plenty of gorgeous waterfalls during the drive. There are many incredible places to stop along the way to learn about pioneer history, enjoy local arts and crafts, or get a bite to eat. It takes about two hours to get to the Midland Trail from your home at Pierpont Place. Route 32 through Canaan Valley Anyone who enjoys the thrill of twisting and turning through winding roads needs to take the journey of Route 32 through Canaan Valley. The drive goes from Harmon to Thomas and is 20 miles of winding turns through some of the most beautiful forest you’ve ever seen. You’ll be taken through Canaan Valley State Park, Blackwater Falls State Park, and the Canaan Valley National Wildlife Refuge. If you love quirky small towns, make stops in Thomas and Davis! Coal Heritage Trail History buffs rejoice: Coal Heritage Trail is rife with scenery and history. Some of the sites you can see include reconstructed mines, railway stations, and towns. If you have the time, make sure to stop for a tour of an abandoned mine! On the way to these sites is, of course, wonderful scenery that would make even a person who prefers the indoors want to go along for the ride. For more information on the Coal Heritage Trail and surrounding area, check here. Now that we’re almost at the midpoint of the semester, it’s a good idea to try and shake out some of the stress that you’ve had building up. Road trips are the perfect way to do that! Don’t miss out on these scenic trails when they are only a couple hours away from Morgantown. What are your favorite scenic trails in the area? What relaxes you after a long week of hard classes and school work? Share with us on Facebook and Twitter!